June 19, 2011

And when I see white flashes , the noise echoing in my basement that evolves, regrettable , among a thousand poems, weapon and shield in my life , I understand .
And the abandonment of the tender conscience “me” has never been so sweet , and so even mine, with an all – l’alone able to disarm me of my dark thoughts regrettable , at the top of the vacuous human thought , disperse away , driven by light forces ( without weight them) and caged ( to be released ) from my deep love, transcendental , that does not need more promises, because my greatest promise , total and sincere , is what I did coming to world , be insignificant and tiny with a vital energy that would not allow me to abandon myself to surrender.
I was born , I survived , and harmless under the living hope of a journey worthy , I unconsciously , with flames unknown to me (at that time the rains vacuous still inside me, firm and immovable) are returned .
To write . And the most immense love , real, confident me in the chest explodes with ferocity and possession , reducing me to a pile of chills and eyes, hands that go beyond the world, to bring me back to my house .

The Poetry, She , possesses a voice that calls me constantly , without ever getting lost in anything that is not my heart , greedy of its heat .

And overflowing confidence , rejuvenating and aging , life is granted to the supremacy of the righteous , knowing how it will end the echo of their whispers – because I always knew inside of me, that really would not have had more oxygen that is not writing and even a greater love than I hold you lovingly in her arms, with  hands clasped and trembling , knowing to never be alone , never completely.

Poetry is my home, rooted in the distant past , vibrant acceptance of my soul – and what I ‘m writing every day , all that I have found and will find life , I imperious river will flood .

And I would not do anything but write , as always.

Forever and eternity braid dreams of this life , the moon to warm your hands dirty with ink, to find them eternally within me.



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