Tic tac tic – tic TIC TAC – time and celebration – reverential misdeeds – in the barns, businesses, employers, slave – engineers of despair -eclipsed moon that falls and falls in wind that covers voices – tic tac tic – the lawyer of nothing taken briefcase and tie, coils around the neck – disappears,he disappears – coated lies, disappears, escapes – from own rules of humanity’s mock – dusty cards and paperwork, coffee stains and drug, alcohol, disintegration of atoms – his bed of putrid sense – tick tock – the clock has been stopped since the collapse of everything – and the tie is- Tic tac tic – snake and he’s forbidden fruit – poisoned – because man, failed its his substance – time, time, ruin and betrayal – no more lawyers to defend the law of men – they drink the rot in a glass of whiskey.



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