in this house,my tears sink,

built on what were joys,

the purest of wonders,

reaching for you

I found the tree that never withers,

It has your name.

Covered with leaves

it remains.

While I remain uncovered,


without an intact root,

but your voice –

I’m terrified to forget it,

it spreads apart throat

into sobs –

your touch on skin ,

if memory is wavering

What would become of me ?

I will call your name 

in solitude

and breaths of life

perhaps will play for me again

In this house

where to I’ll always return

day to day,

Year after year,

Century after century,

your soul…

… will remove these chains of mine, 

as the battle ends,

in the heart you have opened 

In the one I will never stop 

To call “home”.


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